Formal, informal, contemporary — regardless of how you’ve chosen to decorate your home, your couch plays a huge, functional role in its design. Size is important; so is style. Your couch needs to suit your family’s needs, while still providing necessary seating for guests. And if you’re someone who’s adamant about functionality and durability, it needs to hold up well too. Keep that in mind while searching for Edmonton furniture stores.

The fabric you choose is a vital component of how well your particular couch performs over time. That’s why it’s important to purchase large furniture pieces according to how you plan to use them. Will your new sofa be the official gathering spot for groups of gaming teens bearing snacks and sodas? Will pets find it a cozy alternative to rugs and carpets? Or is it only slated for light duty in your private bedroom suite or attic getaway? Know the answer before you head out to the furniture store, and then take time to get acquainted with the fabrics available. Each has its own advantages, and some are better suited to high-traffic areas than others. At Edmonton furniture stores, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the most popular fabric choices for couch coverings to help you decide:


Elegant, functional and gorgeous, leather couches are also surprisingly durable. They’re resistant to staining and deceptively easy to wipe clean. Leather is not the best choice of fabric for homes with pets, however, as sharp claws can do quite a bit of damage. It’s also a poor choice for sunrooms or other areas where natural light streams in as leather fades in direct sunlight


Affordable, functional and cozy, microfiber sofas are warm and luxurious to sink into, and they feature a tight weave that easily sheds pet hair and dander. A simple vacuuming once or twice a week will keep microfiber looking new, and a stain-resistant coating, applied during manufacture, will help keep damage at bay. 


Designed with easy maintenance and longevity in mind, sofas covered in polyester fabric are super-simple to maintain. This fabric resists staining and wrinkling, and it comes in a nearly endless variety of patterns and colors to fit with any decor scheme. Great for high-traffic areas, this is one couch that you’ll end up passing down to your kids when the time is right. 


Luxurious, soft, and delicate, chenille fabric is tufted to give a fuzzy appearance. It’s sinfully cozy, but difficult to keep clean under heavy use. Frequent vacuuming is necessary to remove crumbs, dirt and dust, and spills may require professional cleaning. But if you’re looking to provide seating in a tucked-away space that won’t get much use, then a chenille sofa is a go. 

When you’re ready to shop for your new couch, Edmonton Furniture Stores are ready to help. Our comprehensive collection of styles and colors are sure to coordinate with your decor, while being versatile enough to fit in most spaces. Come see us today in Edmonton, Alberta, for all your contemporary furniture needs.