When it comes to securing your personal property and business assets, you have a quiver full of arrows at your disposal to safeguard your possessions.  Harnessing the advantages afforded by evolving technologies, you now have unprecedented access to, and control over, your property with live view GPS tracking capabilities. 

From an up close and personal monitoring of the home’s newest driving teenager, or ensuring that your company’s fleet of delivery trucks is operating at peak efficiency, enhanced monitoring technology is the key to putting your mind at ease regardless of the circumstances.

Real Time Tracking Technology

When it comes to gratification, “instant” is always better than delayed, and live view GPS technology provides the ideal outlet to get that rush knowing that you are in complete control over the timing of your gratification. 

Thanks to an internet based GPS tracking system, users have full access and control over their monitoring from any device. 

Rather than waiting for pointless daily, weekly, or monthly reports, which does nothing to provide real time information to help protect your business or increase company efficiency, live GPS tracking provides instantaneous alerts, historical replay, and real time position updates.

Efficient Security and Heightened Efficiency

In tight economic times, obtaining a competitive advantage within your market demands running a lean and efficient business, and one of the best places to start begins with stemming inventory loss and stopping wasteful practices that drain profits from the bottom line.

With inventory shrinking accounting for nearly $50 billion in losses to business in 2015, the latest year in which data is available, according to the National Retail Federation, businesses need to stem the tide and tighten their security throughout the supply chain.

All manner of security precautions can be layered into your inventory loss prevention strategy from installing costly perimeter fencing to employing 24/7 onsite security, but the most comprehensive and cost effective solution is through tagging inventory and equipment with live view GPS tracking devices.

Moving forward, lower production costs, cheaper security protocols, and more affordable insurance all lead to a more rational approach to building a more efficient business.   

Live View GPS and Your Business

The use of live view GPS holds the promise of revamping the foundation of your business from the ground up, and is built on a solid record of sound security measures. 

As mentioned, instant gratification is the preferred method of fulfillment, and thanks to the instantaneous interaction afforded by security arrangements accessed by the internet device of your choice, live view GPS allows you unprecedented access to your entire security picture 24/7.

If you are looking for the most cost effective way to combat inventory shrinkage, whether it happens on the loading dock after hours, or off the showroom floor, technologically savvy entrepreneurs are looking at the advantages afforded by live GPS tracking.