Renting a car requires that you have a variety of factors in mind. These set of factors will decide whether you will go for sedan, hatchback, SUVor truck. The number of people to use the vehicle, the amount of load to becarried, your status quo, and the purpose for which the car is intended for(official or sporting) are a few of the things to put under consideration.

I will take you through a number of car rental companies in Copenhagen that will be a basis of our review on the aforementioned factors.


This company considers itself as an evolution of car rental services. They have laid up a strategy of offering excellent services without compromising on your safety and quality. The company requires you to present, depending on your country, an identification that should original and not a copy. The drivers that will be approved to use the vehicle are also required by the company to provide valid driving licences. There are restrictions with regards to the type of car that will be used. This is because there are vehicle groups that a licenced driver may be able to drive.

On the tariff, payment will be in addition with other inclusions with a maximum rental period of 27 days. Insurance cover with this company is third party whereby liability assumed by the company will be to a certain amount beyond which the renter will take upother costs. There are territorial restrictions which restrict commercial and passenger vehicles in group P..and L.. from going abroad. Additional drivers with Flizzr car rental may be provided at a fee and other safety extras like the baby seat.


SIXT offers a variety of rental fleet with a couple of features. Cancelation and unlimited mileage is the amazing catchfrom them. This means that as a renter you will not be charged for a change inmind in the type of car you require. There is also an additional protection and coverage which give you an assurance from many vehicle rental challenges one faces. For reservation, you cannot rent a specific car model but rather on only the selected car categories. They provide a full fuel tank policy where the renter will return the vehicle with afull tank. Payment and driving licences are required as per the policy aforementioned.


Alamo is another car rental service provider who has some of the conditions that need to be met. Their age restriction for hiring a car is 21. It offers a fleet of various sizes and shapes with the end user choosing between the economy or premium vehicle. It is also offer navigation systems that make it easier for the user to find their way to unknown destination. The company requires original identification cardsor passports and an international driving permit for drivers that are not of English origin. They have provided a customer service lines that will enable you to extend your rental service.


Avis is also an amazing car rental servicein Copenhagen. The identification and driving licence policy are as with the other mentioned companies due to the transport authority’s regulations. The one-way rental rule is an amazing one due to the fact that you can keep the carfor 12 hours and get in return 150 free miles. They have an age restriction for those intending to rent their utility. There are other extra charges for an additional driver and other accessories aimed at ensuring your safety during your rental period.


Europcar, just as the enlisted service providers, boosts of a three-step booking process with new and comfortable fleet of cars at your service. They provide for daily to monthly and short tolong-term rental services which is an ample time for any committed renter. The company is strict on the transport authority’s regulations of a valid driving permit both for locals and international users. The add-ons are also provided at the expense of the user.They have implemented a full tank fuel policy too with insurance and protection of the client based on the third-party basis.

We have seen a similarity in most of the conditions mentioned on the usage and renting of their vehicles. The selling points that ensure comfortability and safety have been the differences between them will premium users spending more for quality cars.