India’s literacy rate rose from 48% in 1991 to 63% in 2006. But this isn’t exactly great news; the reason for the increase in the figure is the increase in the population of the country itself. While the actual number of illiterate adults didn’t budge.

A UNESCO report from 2014 stated that India was home to the largest population of illiterate adults in a single country, standing at a whopping 287 million. This figure makes up 37% of the global total of illiterate adults. Why haven’t the figures improved in the past few years despite the progress of our ‘fast growing economy’? There is no dearth of nonprofits that are struggling to make education available to underprivileged communities either.

Funding is the key problem. It is funding that tends to get stagnated and frequently threatens to bring nonprofits projects to a standstill. Even the few lucky NGOs that have been able to build a solid donor base often struggle with finding help with funds. Causes for stagnated funding vary. It may be the inability of the NGO to access a wide audience, to reach out beyond a certain geographical area or to provide potential donors a safe and transparent platform to make their contributions.

How crowdfunding addresses the nonprofits constant challenge of funding

This is where social crowdfunding steps in. Hundreds of websites like Impact Guru now provide nonprofits a user-friendly, convenient platform to create a large donor network across the globe, tell stories effectively and accept donations easily.

Dipti Mishra from Noida is an aspiring change maker who understands the problems of finding effective funding solutions to the issue of literacy and education in the country. Dipti is building her social start up around the idea that a supporting business needs to be in function to provide free uninterrupted education to underprivileged children. Her start up, Mathsomania, already monetizes from tutoring 13 children from prosperous families, and uses the money to provide free tuition sessions to 4 underprivileged children. Hoping to expand and educate more children, Dipti turned to begin crowdfunding with Impact Guru’s global platform.

Dipti’s idea is a unique and effective way to help provide smooth and continuous quality education to underprivileged children. A lack of donors will not have to arbitrarily force a child to drop out of school. Find her campaign – among thousands others – impacting lives and making the world a better place on crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru. Or choose to start your own for a social cause you care about!