Modern homeowners use various decorative items for beautifying the walls. However, wall tapestries are one of the most convenient options for decorating the house, church or other types of buildings. In the present age also, the use of tapestry is a trend. It is a form of durable art and is available in various styles.

Various designs used for tapestries

Many of us love to use medieval tapestry, while others look for the modern ones, with landscape and floral patterns. However, with every tapestry, you can find the skill of weaver. In the past, only wool was used for creating these tapestries. Wool is really a tough fabric, and the professional weavers apply pigments or dyes to craft the overall design.

Fabric best for creating a tapestry

While these woolen pieces are blended polymers, it helps in the preservation of the standard tapestries. However, modern weavers also rely on this major material to create the product. In many pieces, you may find the blend of various fibers to form a historical design that we usually find in the European churches or museums.

Chenille is another component used to create these tapestries. As this is a very flexible element, it gives you a soft product. You may use them for various decorative purposes. To add versatility and warmth, chenille wall tapestry is the right solution.

You have to choose the wall tapestry, considering several factors. While it is a small room, you may look for a tapestry with brighter colors. For instance, castles or floral designs are the best options. Horizontally shaped tapestry make your room look wider.  Similarly, in case of larger rooms, you have to choose small sized tapestries. The blank space on the walls will get filled. However, the style and theme of all those tapestries should not be different. These are the major ideas of decorating your room with tapestries.

In most cases, you need to use a rod for hanging tapestries. You have to buy these rods separately, and they are also available in various colors, shapes and styles. The big sized wall hangings need to have better support with screws and various other units.

So, choose your wall tapestry of various types and fit it rightly in your rooms. To improve the beauty of the room, these tapestries can be the best option. Pick the right sized tapestry and get the highest value from it.